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Walmart free samples offer by Who does not love Walmart? If you can not find exactly what you want at Walmart, you likely won’t find it everywhere. The store carries everything, it appears alcohol, food, bicycles, home decor, clothing, birthday supplies, and much more.

Walmart offers Walmart free samples¬†some serious shoppers who move out of their way to look for bargains, coupons, and freebies. It’s true, you can receive free items at Walmart, both samples, and products that are complete!

First, let us begin with complimentary samples. The retailer has a samples program because of its stores and online store which allows you check out baby, beauty, food, cosmetics, and other goods prior to purchasing.

Most Walmart stores are taking advantage of this “Walmart free sample” trend, which has been made famous in part by Walmart’s companion store, Sam’s Club. Vendors are set up across the store, largely in the food regions, to give free samples to test.

This, naturally, is to give shoppers something to attempt that they might be overlooking on the shelves. Companies partner with Walmart to gain some exposure to their goods, which are products or an improved version of an item.

In my store, there at least 2 or three meals or drink samplers setup anytime I move, and I’ve even occasionally been bombarded with samplers giving away free cosmetics and beauty products. I’ve also gotten packs of vouchers, including some coupons for baby items, laundry detergent, cosmetics, and much more.

There likely are a couple samples in the store prepared to give you some stuff.

If you do not find any, you could head to Customer Service and ask someone if samplers will be in your store. It’s possible that they have certain times of the day per week to get samples to be there (maybe I only get lucky!).

Get Free Samples from Website

A few years back, was famous for its free samples. You can go to the website, type ‘samples’ in the search box, and a web page for samples that the business was giving off could come up.

That is not any longer a web page dedicated to free samples on the website, likely because so many people caught wind of how amazing it was and Walmart could not keep up!

Nonetheless, you may still find samples that are free on the website! It’s only an issue of timing. Occasionally, I’ll see a few samples pop up since I’m shopping for things on the website. Sometimes, if you purchase a certain item, you are going to be eligible for a sample of some other item.

The website will let you know exactly what you will need to do to qualify. I’ve also been delivered samples for goods every time I purchase from and have it shipped to my home!

So, totally free samples on depend on which you are shopping for, but definitely, keep your head out as you navigate. Plus, you may get lucky and score some free things in your shipped box.

Additionally, has sample boxes which you may get shipped to your home four times annually!

You can Pick from:

  • The Beauty Box: Sampler will include a number of Walmart’s favorite beauty products, like cosmetics, lotions, hair care, and body scrub. Sometimes you even find full-size products, like nail polish and deodorants!
  • Baby Box: Test out the latest infant products from reputable brands. You will receive curated items for your stage be automatically bumped to the next box as it’s time.

At the right side of this display, you should see a section for events.

Sometimes, Walmart has sampling occasions in certain locations. You can have to sample a whole lot of foods, health and beauty goods, as well as toys.

These events generally include some sort of handout for men and women that appear, like a goodie bag of samples or coupons for free products. I’ve even heard of a few giving off full-size merchandise to lucky winners!

Thus, it’s well worth it to have a peek at what is in your area. If you live in a town, find the city close to you and have a drive. The Walmart’s in regions that are bigger generally have going on for occasions.

Don’t Miss Walmart’s Events

The Walmart Savings Catcher program is my go-to app I make a Walmart buy. Usually, visit my regional Walmart one or 2 times each week. Every time, I scan the barcode of my receipt into the program. Not only are you able to save all of your receipts for future reference, if necessary, but you can upload it to the Savings Catcher (the best part!).

The Savings Catcher is a price game tool which does all the work. It compares the prices you’ve paid to prices in different stores, like Target, Family Dollar, etc..

On one of my receipts a week with just 10 items, I got $2.47 back. I call this a win!

I understand Walmart has prices, but every once in a while, somewhere places something available and you reap the benefits. You are able to trade in your earnings to get a Walmart gift card and also visit the store for some things!

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