10 Best Weather Widgets For Android

One of the best features of the Android operating system is allowing us to add widgets to our Home screen. We all love outdoors, Don’t we? But it is really sad when your beach volleyball or sunbath or picnic clouds are spoiled by undesirable weather. Happened with you? After reading this we are sure that you won’t face such circumstances again in your life.

So it’s important to keep ourselves well informed about the weather and what the weather experts are predicting about the day. With the availability of every single event on any part of the globe on the Internet, Weather predictions and a lot of other things, like best routes, road with less traffic and everything is almost accurate. So in this post we will be sharing the best Android widgets to know about weather.

1. Google Now

Talking about weather widgets for Android, how can we miss out Google Now by Google. It is the simplest and quickest solution for looking up not only the temperature but also PNR Status, news, trends or in that matter googling up anything. Besides, you can also look up wind speed, humidity and other wanted information related to the weather. You can also give Google voice commands.

2. AccuWeather

A very sweet and simple weather widget to keep you updated with the weather every moment, hourly or daily. This app is flexible to add more than one city. The app lets you check the temperature for the following two days. You can get the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can also check out the Map or the areas around you, get latest news and videos. However, you should note that this means the app can track you. To prevent your location from being seen by the app, you can download a VPN to secure your Android device.

3. Yo Window

The Yo Window is a super cool widget where the temperature is shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can see the notifications from Yo Window in the Lock Screen and Status Bar. You can add sound effects and set the weather as a wallpaper and see some cool on-screen graphics. You can choose from a varied widgets which widget should be placed on your screen. Each widgets have their own sets on information.

4. Yahoo Weather Widget

Yahoo weather lets you check the weather forecast and also gives you constant weather updates. You can add more than one city and very easy swing between the cities. The app lets you choose the temperature unit i.e. Celcius or Fahrenheit. Another very useful thing about the app is you can limit the data(on Mobile Data) or use Wi Fi for the same. You can also switch the Weather Animations ON or OFF if you want to save battery juice. Download it from here.

5. Weather Cards Weather widget

The weather cards widgets can be customized with more than one location and it tell you the minimum and maximum temperatures for four days in the widget. But the app will give you the in depth weather analysis report such as wind speed, dew point, cloud cover, humidity, sunrise, sunset and many more such informations.

6. Digital Clock and Weather Widget

As the name suggest, this is a 2-in-1 widget. You need not include another widget to see the time. You can see the time as well as the temperature in this widget. The app is flexible to add more than one location, battery percentage, wind speed, humidity and even the moon cycle. This weather widget shows current temperature and the maximum and minimum temperature of the day too.

7. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is another very simple weather widget. It shows temperature and time. But the app contains loads of information including pressure, dew point, UV index, videos, etc. You can see the hourly predictions of the for the rest of the day as well as the day-to-day predictions ahead.

8. Go Weather Forecast and Widgets

This widget has the option of choosing from numerous languages, so it has a very wonderful language flexibility. You can also customize the widget or the background. Choose your size of widget depending upon your requirement and size in home screen. The widget is a solution to all the important points you need to know if you plan a road trip somewhere.

9. Weather Live

The weather live is a very neat weather widget with all the information about the weather you need to know.  So you have a very good option of choosing how the widget looks and what it contains depending on the type of information you need. You can see the temperature, temperature feel, time, hourly predictions, pressure, visibility, etc in the widget.

10. Eye in the Sky Weather

Eye in the Sky is the widget for those who need only the temperature and the maximum and minimum temperature of the day. You have a variety of weather widget options available like temperature of the day only or for the following number of days.

That’s all on ’10 Best Weather Widgets for Android’. Is yours in the list? Or is it not? Tell us in the comments below.