Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2: The full-screen smartphone

The biggest and most obvious trend in smartphones right now is that the attempt to eliminate framework, or the bezel, that encircles a phone’s display. The objective is to produce a feeling that you are only holding a display in mind, and there is nothing else to distract you from what is being displayed on that display. Established players (Samsung and LG) and beginners (Essential) alike are all trying to accomplish that objective. Apple is expected to announce new iPhone

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How to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC?

How to Play Xbox 360 Games on PC – So you want to play Xbox 360 games on PC, Well sometimes ago it is not possible and to enjoy games of Xbox 360 only can be playable on Xbox Consoles. But now technology changed and developers and designers, as well as coders, make this possible for those who don’t want to buy Xbox 360 or PlayStation 4 like game consoles and want to enjoy their games on Windows PC. Le’ts

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