Step by step guide to Install a Flash Player Without Administrator Rights

When you are browsing the internet, Adobe Flash Player is an indispensable tool. It encoded the files in flash format and enabled your web browser to view files. It include everything that is streaming especially on sites like YouTube.

When you install flash player in the normal way, it will ask for the administrative rights. If you don’t have, then you can’ install it normally. But again nothing is impossible, even without administrator rights of your system you can install it but it needs some extra steps to be followed.

Let’s think about the situation in an easy way. You are working on the pc, and you have standard user rights. It means you can’t installed any new software as it needed elevated privileges. Even you can’t perform any operation that asks for admin rights.

For instance, many software programs needs administrative privileges to install the programme. Out of all such software, one of them is Adobe’s Flash Player that needs elevated rights to install it. So if you have standard rights, you can’t install it in a standard way but you are here, and hence you can install it even though you don’t have admin rights.

You have rights to use the computer or laptop at school, work, library, public place or maybe in a company. In all such places, they have a web browser, but due to the absence of the Flash plugin, you can’t access the content on the sites like YouTube.

Keep in mind that this method is 100% workable for the Firefox web browser. Yes, it also works for Chrome or Opera, but sometimes it causes an error on these browsers.

Steps to Install a Flash Player Without Administrator Rights

Step 1:

  • From the Adobe Flash website, download the archived Flash Player plugin.

Step 2:

  • Download the plugin at your hard drive where you can easily find it. The downloaded file has an extension of .XPI.

Step 3:

  • Now change the .XPI file extension to .ZIP extension. Right click on the file, go to option and click on the “Rename” and change the second part of file name.

Step 4:

  • Now in the archive, extract the two files from it. Do it by right click on the .ZIP file and pick the “Extract” option from the list. This process will extract the directory.

Step 5:

    • Now, from the extracted your web browser’s plugins folder, copy the two files to your web browser’s plugins folder.


  • For the Mozilla Firefox, the extracted folder is in the following path: Program Files/Mozilla/Plugins folder.
  • For Internet Explorer, the extracted folder is in the following path: Program Files/Internet Explorer/Plugins folder.


Step 6:

  • Save the changes by closing the web browser and relaunch it. Now, restart the web browser. Enjoy the Flash Player.


It is all about the steps to install a Flash Player without administrator rights. I hope you find it useful. In case of any doubt, ask using the comment section below.