How To Choose Which Day Amazon Prime Packages Arrive At Your Address?

Everyone wants to receive the Amazon package on the day when they are at home. If you are doing a job, then you know that you are at home or free on a fixed day of the week and that day is the best day for delivery. I think you will say that “it is possible in the dreams,” but no you are wrong! Amazon comes up with Amazon Day to alleviate your frustration related to deliveries.

If you live in the US and an Amazon Prime member, then you have an option to pick on which day you want to get your package. This service is known as Amazon Day.

Suppose you order sweet gizmo and it offers two-day shipping option on prime, but you find that you are not at home during this weekend or the arrived package stays in the warehouse for two days and then come to you at an inconvenient time. So if you are not at your home, the parcel stays for two days outside the home.

And as per my experience, Amazon packages most of the time arrive on the most inconvenient day of the week. I know Amazon does not have the intention to do so. They have to deliver many parcels each day, and hence they do not call and ask each person for the convenience timing to delivery.

However, they want to help you and hee they come two steps forward with Amazon Day. When you choose this service, then the eligible ordered item will arrive at your doorstep on your preferred day even if possible then, Amazon will ship in fewer boxes. But the question is how to use Amazon day then answer is here.

Choose Which Day Amazon Prime Packages Arrive

The new feature that provides preferred day delivery is called Amazon Day, and with it, you can set a default day for delivery. So, if you know you will be at home on Friday or Tuesday, then you can set that day so that all your package arrive on that day only. You can also change the delivery day in case the delivery does not work on that particular day due to holiday or other reason.

Amazon Day was introduced in 2018 November under the company’s invite-only program and as a part of the Shipment Zero initiative. The goal of this is making all shipment of Amazon carbon neutral by 2030.

The original test group reduces waste of boxes as each week all the items come at your home in one box. You will not believe that the group reduces the waste of boxes by tens of thousands of boxes.

How To Choose Which Day Amazon Prime Packages Arrive

First, of all to this facility, you must be a prime subscriber of Amazon. Another thing, not all the things are eligible under the Amazon Day; however, most of the items come under two-day prime option.

Next, you have to order the eligible thing at least two days before the preferred day of arrival. At the time of check out pick the standard shipping or Amazon Day option.

How To Use Amazon Day: Step By Step Guide

Step 1:

  • If you’re a Prime member, then when you check out next time, go to the “Choose your Amazon day” option and click on it.

Step 2:

  • Next, select the preferred day and click on the tab of “Save and continue.”

Step 3:

  • When you check out, you will get an option of Amazon day. Choose the day and Amazon will ship you the package on that day only.

So all these are about how to pick the amazon day delivery option, and the good thing is you can change the day in case your schedule is changed.