Gamecube Emulator For Android

What is GameCube?

The GameCube emulator officially released by Nintendo in japan in 2001, it was the first console that would use optical discs as a primary storage. The size of the disc was supported online gaming through modem adaptor and could be connected to your very own Game boy advance through link cable.
Nintendo managed to sale 22 million units worldwide before it was discontinued in 2007. Well if we talk about graphics, GameCube graphics were slightly better defined than Sony PS2, but XBOX users experience better graphics than gamecube.

What is GameCube emulator for android?

It was developed and released for the first time by Henrik Rydgard(ector) in 2003 and at its first release, Dolphin Emulator was a disastrous failure. In its first release, the emulator was aimed to run Nintendo based games but later, its support scope was expanded.

  • This app does not come with ROMS
    – You must have the right to a given ROM before you play it!
  • If you like the idea of having a gamecube emulator on your Android device and want  updates and features more quickly;Think about buying this version.
  • This may be exactly the same as the non-pro version, aside from the shiny golden icon, but it helps the development process by giving the developers money to directly work on improving this emulator.

This can help with:

  • Getting developers the money needed to buy the latest devices to make sure it runs well.
  • Incentive to help port it to new devices.
  • The time required to put into such a project to make it as quick as possible.

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This is the first Open GL ES 3 application on the Android Market! The amount of devices that support Open GL ES 3 is minimal at best. Hardware support will increase in the future as more phones come to market!
This is a public preview release of Dolphin the Gamecube and Wii emulator for Android. This will run slow on every single Android device, no matter if it is the most powerful one in the world.


  • It will crash. Alot.
  • It might need to be force closed and ran multiple times to work.
  • It will run slow.

Although the emulator kept working on Android devices, but it never delivered superb emulating speeds nor it expanded its hardware support. Until now, it is supporting only those devices which are built using powerful hardware like Nvidia Tegra and similar. So to emulate Nintendo and Wii games on your Android powered tablet or the phone, you must ensure first that your device is running on a powerful processor else you may face multiple issues while emulating games.

The most-downloaded console emulators on Android

These days it’s increasingly easily to live in the past while enjoying your leisure time. The power of modern Android devices allows the easy emulation of previous generations of consoles, with surprising results. For that reason, we’ve seen a steady increase in the downloads volume of this type of app from our catalogue. These are the most-downloaded classic console emulators for Android on.
To try emulating games and to see either Game Emulator is working on your device or not, simply download its APK file. Install the app on your device and see if it succeeds in emulating.

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