Things to Consider While Buying An Air Purifier

Presently, air purifiers are in trend. Most people residing in urban areas choose to buy air filters to afford breathable air, free from pollutants, particulates, germs and allergens. It is wise to know in details about the air filters and the myths associated with them too. So, here are some really important points that one must consider before buying air filters from market.

  • Go for a certified model:

The first thing to keep in mind is getting a certified model. A number of companies selling air filters are not certified. Certification ensures the quality of the product.

  • Size of the room:

Remember the size of the room for which you wish to get an air filter. Most portable air filters are meant for single rooms and not for halls. For bigger rooms, portable air filters work less efficiently.

  • Is UV light based air filter models a good choice?

Buying an air filter with UV rays to assure germ killing may look like an alluring option, but UV light based air filter models can be quite dangerous. UV rays though well known to kill the germs and because a sterilizing effect, yet the intensity and exposure time of the light on the germs do matter. Both the time and exposure intensity are not well maintained in air purifiers. The presence of UV rays release ozone, which is a harmful pollutant and may cause respiratory damages. Alternative to the UV ray based models can be selection of HEPA filters with anti- bacterial coating.

  • Go according to your requirement:

The quality and type of HEPA air filters vary in different models. In general, if it is just the removal of the particulates and pollutants from air, HEPA filters are a boon. But if you wish to go selective about your requirement, the choice with filter will vary. For example, if you wish to get rid of smoke from cigarettes or vehicular release, choice of an air purifier for smoke removal will consist of a HEPA filter with it mat coated with high grade activated carbon.

  • Criteria to consider:

The conduct of an air purifier depend on its Clean Air Delivery Rate aka CADR, the coverage area and Air Changes per Hour or ACH. All of these are the salient features that one must know before buying an air filter. The sellers and salesmen show case the latter two features the most, but ACH should never be ignored. This parameter stands for how many times in an hour the air actually gets a colander in the asserted coverage area. ACH is important to be determined and should be selected on the basis of qualitative pollution in the surroundings. Theless is ACH number, the less coherent it is, even if it has a good rank with CADR or coverage area.

It would be wise to get an in and out detail about the air filters before buying, else, it may be a pinch in the pocket. For more particulars, log in to