Top 5 Tools to Monitor Your Website Performance

Monitoring is quite an essential job when you make your website live in the internet world. Because it lets you keep track of your application’s performance and keeps you notified about the ups and downs of the application. While looking from the security aspect, continuous monitoring is regarded pretty vital if you want to safeguard your application from the malicious attempts and have regular insights of your app.

Today, there are many tools available in the market to ease the website monitoring task. Moreover, they provide automated monitoring, allowing users to easily track the cores of the application. It is quite necessary to keep in check the every attribute of your app, so that the performance could be tracked and managed timely.

Therefore, we have listed down below some of the most popular website monitoring tools available in the market. Using these tools on any hosting with PHP support, you can easily lessen your monitoring job, as they provide fast automated monitoring of your app’s performance.

Website Performance

Here are the top five monitoring tools you should consider for your application:


Regarded as the best tool for monitoring web applications, Pingdom comes in as our first recommendation of website monitoring tools. It gives you complete overview about each and every aspect of your application. From website speed to security measures, uptime to the URL response time, the platform provides different values to track the analytics of your app.

Though, Pingdom is not free to use, but comes with a free 14-day trial offer. Plus, the customized pricing plan of the platform allows you to easily choose the desired version that suits your monitoring needs. It is a highly useful platform to monitor cores of the app, as it provides features like synthetic interaction testing, root-cause analysis and many others to get the in-depth analytics of the app. is a great tool for website monitoring, as it not only provides clear insights of your application but also provides core analytics about the server on which it is hosted on. The most important feature of is that, it allows users to create custom-defined metrics for tracking website performance. With this feature, users can easily track the desired attributes of their web application and can get the specific insights of the preferred areas.

The platform provides automated reporting of network performance, uptime issues, server performance and other related metrics on free version. That is great, because many platforms won’t provide these details on free version, whereas do. While the interface of the platform is pretty easy to use and provides you effortless monitoring of all the core analytics of the app. Don’t miss to check network monitoring tools for better network performance.


Currently, Site24x7 is regarded as the best tool for monitoring website performance. Because the platform garners its servers on more than 90 global locations, meaning that it can test your application’s response time from almost all over the world. Besides giving flawless monitoring services for web applications, Site24x7 also provides effective monitoring for mobile apps as well. It provides clear analysis of the URL response time and other features on different networking mediums including intranet, 3G and 4G.

Site24x7 is one of those platforms where you will find every possible monitoring tool you will ever need for your application. From server monitoring to private cloud monitoring, network monitoring to FTP, DNS & IMAP monitoring, there are whole lot of tools available on the platform to keep you notified about each and every aspect of your application.


Uptrends could be regarded as a pioneer in the market of website monitoring tools. It was originally founded as a free tool for monitoring web apps performance. But over the time, the platform evolved into a much professional one, giving more optimized monitoring features to cater all the needs of website administrators. It offers different measures to monitor the app performance including interval uptime monitoring, multi-browser monitoring and various others.

The platform is said as a perfect monitoring match for ecommerce stores, as it provides specialized transaction monitoring feature to give in-depth transaction detail. While moving up to its premium subscription, Uptrends provides personalized monitoring support to its valued customers. It includes up to 600 SMS alerts per month and other similar services to give the web administrators regular insights about their application.

Uptime Robot

Cheap yet very powerful, Uptime Robot is a preferred monitoring platform for those web administrators who wants simple, effective and lower-cost monitoring solution. It is also crowned as one of the oldest monitoring tools in the market, later optimizing itself to a much advanced platform. It offers diverse monitoring mechanisms including cloud-based monitoring, custom-defined monitoring and many others.

The platform’s free plan allows to monitor up to 50 websites from one account. While the PRO plan allows to run the monitor checks every single minute, giving detailed real-time data. With the PRO plan, you can also set advanced notifications options, customizing it to get the alerts the way you want. Detailing about its interface, the platform provides a very simple dashboard that is quite easy to use and allows to easily monitor various metrics of the application from one place. Currently, it provides four major testing features including HTTP, ping, port and keywords tests.

Final Words

Website monitoring is one of the core jobs of web administrators, and using the above defined tools, they can perfectly ease up that in an effective manner. We have listed above some of the most used website monitoring tools in the market, which helps website owners/developers easily get the core performance insights of the apps. Using these, the live data metrics helps web administrators analyze the ups and downs of the app performance, leading them to fix the related structural problem.

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