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Fitness tech is not new as men and women pace ahead with the contemporary world. The innovations are even more different whether it’s a brand new tech t-shirt or a basketball that keeps track of the shot range. Moreover, sneakers featuring Bluetooth sensors always give an idea of the stride and comfort when you start running down the street. So, here are different pairs of shoes you could try out in 2018.

Asics MetaRun

Known to be long-distance running shoes, Asics MetaRun boasts five spanking new technologies. While the FlyteFoam offers a cushioning effect, the carbon-reinforced adaptive stability system keeps you going with comfort. Moving ahead, the feet are supported by the high-tech gel and the built-in memory foam. Certainly, as you purchase the pair, you would be eager to wear them all the time.

Adidas Ultra Boost

The Ultra Boost promises you with matchless energy return since the time the pair hit the market last year. The latest version boasts a Stretchweb outsole that is sure to keep you going even if the surface is dry or damp. The design was thought about after getting inspired by tires that offer better traction. Additionally, the Primeknit not only appears trendy but also helps shoes for adapting to feet differing in sizes. Due to a suite of features, the shoes might pretty expensive as the price is as much as $80.

Nike Free RN Distance

If you have been using items made by Nike, then you would certainly be amazed by the way you would feel with these shoes. But, when you wish to run a long distance, then you have to select something that suits your preferences. With the fusion of Free and Lunar technologies, you would find every excuse to love ‘Nike Free’. While the shoes add on to stability, the outsole is designed to run miles after miles. The pair can be sourced from online portals or from the nearest retail outlets.

Altra IQ Smart Shoes

Popular amongst those who like to go for a marathon, the Altra IQ smart shoes always gains traction for mainstream runners. You need to wait for the wearable technology this March because the brand would soon be launching the ‘Smart shoe’. Apart from gathering data about the stride, hi-tech shoes also offer insights on personal biomechanics. The embedded ultra-slim sensor helps in transferring the information to an iFit app or the smartwatch through BlueTooth.

New Balance 3D-Printed Running Shoes

3D printers have always been a big surprise to men who like to achieve their fitness goals. While reputed brands have already come up with such kind of running shoes, the high-performance shoes with 3D printed midsole were launched in April 2016. The midsole along with the overall design enhance flexibility, durability, and the required strength.

APL TechLoom Pro

If you are seeking a pair of shoes from yet another innovative brand, then the APL TechLoom Pro should be among your choices. This pair of trendy shoes was brought into the market when NBA planned to ban basketball shoes. But, now, these shoes are going to amaze the world with its metallic knit. As you go through the website, you can select something through options available in different color shades.

Hoka Vanquish 2

Just like the New Balance shoes, the Hoka Vanquish 2 looks marvelous with 3D printing. While the upper portion boasts an asymmetrical external web, the design offers additional support and comfort to the feet. As for the rest of the shoes, it is soft like a cushion or pillow. Well, these shoes might be pricey because they are available at a price of $170. With the design is draped in light red and blue color shades, these shoes would never let you go out of style.


While you favorite jacket can help to keep the body warm in winter and cool during summer, you can expect the same with Puma IGNITE PWWARM. Based on the new thermo-regulated technology, the shoes would aid you to maintain the temperature around your feet. This in turn helps you to run comfortably and preserve energy to the best extent. In case wish to know more, you can visit the official website of Puma and check out whether the pair suits your style.

Saucony Triumph ISO 2

In case you are looking for a pair with one-of-the-kind technology, then the Saucony Triumph ISO 2 is just for you. The EVERUN foam is just near to the foot instead of the layers around the midsole. This aids to increase the responsiveness and distribute the propulsion force a bit more evenly. Moreover, the new foam doesn’t get heated up even when you have covered a long distance. As far as the cushioning properties are concerned, they are three times more than the standard EVAs. According to the research conducted at the Innovation Lab, the shoes are capable of returning almost 83% of the energy that’s already retained. Well, the design might not be visually appealing because it is draped in gray towards the toes and dark blue towards the rear end.

While the aforementioned shoes are known for quality and durability, you can always check out your pace at every instance through a smartphone app. In case you are buying the shoes from the online marketplace, then finalize the choice by going through online reviews and the salient features.

Besides shoes, there are so many other wearable technology products evolved which are considered to be the game changer. So, don’t hesitate to share something unique wearable product you know and don’t forget to share the blog with those who like to flaunt with a new trend.