How to Revamp And Spice Up Your Red Packet Design

Exchanging red packets is one of the widely followed traditions in the Chinese community. They give red packets as a token of blessing during the lunar new year. Since it is a tradition there are different red packets available on the markets.

Not only this, you can even find interesting ideas online as well. With so many options available, you are sure to choose the best one and bless the people in your community. Moreover, you can make these packets more thoughtful if you opt for Shevron’s red packet printing and pick stunning designs.

Take note that many people prefer to personalize their red packets. This way, they can come up with unique ideas that are not common. It is also a great way to give blessings to the people in your family or even friends.

So, if you are looking forward to spicing up your red packet this year, this blog will help you.

How to Make a Unique Red Packet

Although there are several stamps, colored paper, or even decorative ornament available that you can stick to prepared packets, you can also make it from scratch. It adds personal attach to your red packet which will make it more meaningful and special.

Apart from the Chinese tradition, people can also exchange these packets on other occasions or celebrations as well. Wishing someone countless blessing shows your concern for them. And, nothing is greater than exchanging something thoughtful like red packet. So, here is a fun and quick way to revamp your red packets.

Material to Use

To prepare these red packets, you will need the following.

  • Red packet
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper doily small or medium (according to your choice)
  • 2” flower/scallop punch
  • Extra paper in cream and red color
  • 1-½” circle punch
  • Red ink pad (red is necessary because of the Chinese tradition. You can use your favorite color)
  • Rubber stamp (you can choose from existing ones)

Red Packet Designs

We have compiled two fantastic designs that are fun and easy to make. You can prepare these stunning designs by using the aforementioned material.

Butterfly with Flower Red Packet Design

Who does not love butterflies or flowers? So, you can never go wrong with these two on your red packet. To turn this idea into reality, you need to follow a few steps given below.

  • You should begin with by inking butterfly stamp onto the cream-colored paper.
  • Then, cut the paper according to the shape of the butterfly stamp. Take some time while cutting the paper to get the perfect shape.
  • Stick this paper on small doily first. Then, stick it onto the medium doily. Use a generous amount of glue in this step so that everything stays in one place.
  • Lastly, stick this medium on your red packet.
  • If you have some doily left, feel free to stick it on the back of your packet to add your personal touch.

Horse Red Packet Design

If you are looking something different than butterfly and flower, you can choose a horse stamp. As mentioned above, you can choose from existing stamps. So, here is a unique red packet with an interesting design. To achieve this, you should follow these steps.

  • Ink your horse stamp onto your cream-colored paper. This way, your stamp will stand out.
  • You need to punch out the picture of a cute horse on the paper. And for this step, you need to use 1-½” circle punch.
  • Next step is to punch out your 2” scallop/flower on the red colored paper.
  • Now, stick horse picture to your red flower.
  • And now, stick this to the small doily.
  • The last step includes sticking small doily on the red packet.

Bottom Line

With the help of these two designs, you can revamp your red packets and present them in a different way. The material used in the process is quite easy to find in your nearest craft store. So, invest some in this little D-I-Y project and make a difference.