Instagram: Best Social Media for Branding

Today, social media has replaced traditional marketing. With plenty of different channels and more than 3 billion users, it’s no doubt that social media is growing tremendously.

But why is social media considered as the best tool for branding when it comes to online marketing?

The answer lies on the fact that it comprises of powerful social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and many others.

Some of these networks enjoy huge popularity and some are still growing.

However, Instagram beats all the above when it comes to building your brand. But why is Instagram the best social media platform and yet Facebook has a huge user base than the former?

Well, it’s obvious that Instagram is easy to use and engage with your target audience.

Here are some statistics on Instagram.

Looking at the statistics, you can clearly see that Instagram is a platform that is growing rapidly and is a lovebird for biggest brands compared to other social media channels.

This indicates that Instagram is an effective channel that can help various brands to increase awareness and obtain a huge following.

If you are still not convinced, here are 4 reasons why Instagram is the best social media for cheap marketing and branding as well.

  • Instagram Has a Better Content Display

Instagram has a streamlined interface that is simple to use, unlike other social media channels. This way brands can build their images through their photos and videos with accompanying captions.

Well, you still can do that on Facebook. But since Facebook has some other links, the sidebars, and photos as well as the chat screen, it can be distracting to someone who is accessing the platform from a computer.

The greatest thing about Instagram, unlike Facebook, is that you access the platform through the app. So, you only see the photos and videos posted by brands and people you follow.

  • Instagram has Active Users

According to a study, Instagram users are always active and they are more likely to share and comment content unlike Facebook and Twitter users. Remember, the more your photos are shared the more likes and comments you get and which increases your brand’s awareness and visibility. Also, Instagram users spend most of their time on the platform.

  • Better Target Audience Penetration

Men and women at the age of 16 to 29 are impulsive buyers when it comes to online shopping and you can change their buying decision. A bigger percentage of young men and women of that age bracket are usually active on Instagram on a daily basis. If you can prove to them that you offer the best products in the world, they will buy from you. You only need to post a high-quality photo and a video with a caption and lead users to your listing page.

  • Instagram is Mobile App Platform

With the advancement in technology, almost every internet user owns a mobile phone which they use to access most of their time when browsing the web. Most of the social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and others have already developed mobile applications.

This is to tap on the pool of mobile app users. And in this case, since Instagram was developed as a mobile photo sharing platform, it means already more users have accounts on it. For these reasons, it’s no doubt brands love Instagram as a platform to engage with customers on mobile.

Final Words

From the statistics and the reasons we have shared above, do you see Instagram’s popularity decreasing any time soon? In fact, it’s skyrocketing and if you have not created your account on the platform then sign up now. However, you need to take into considerations the users’ interests and needs, get a good camera or hire a professional photographer, and get active and take advantage of the huge following.

But remember, while many brands are actively engaging with their consumers on Instagram, the platform has developed some mechanism to weed out fake accounts. So ensure to follow the rules of the platform, get a verified badge of your brand and keep stirring the engagement with your prospects.